A Toastmaster wears many hats

At a Toastmasters club night, we have several (in our case usually three) prepared speeches and a series of impromptu speeches (usually two German and two English).

All speakers of the evening will receive a review later with helpful tips. At about halfway there is also a break for chatting, networking etc.

Toastmaster’s ritual is applauding. Every person change on the stage is applauded until the change is completed. This is a solid ritual designed to assist members in their learning progress. Thus, regardless of the quality of their contribution, each member receives respect for the courage to try and perform.

To do it all in less than three hours, we have to plan and structure the club night carefully.

For this reason, all tasks are taken over in advance by individual members of the association.

We are planning our club evenings online with the help of easySpeak.

All members can sign up for one or more tasks and then take over these roles in the evening.

Below I explain the course of a typical club night and the importance of each role.

(Translation appreciated)